Vivid presents Auditioning. Who will win the starring roll? Cast your eyes on the couch. Chuck Lords explodes the myth of the casting couch in Vivid’s horny take on sexy movies and the sexual mores of their makers. Join adult’s scorcher of the moment, Briana Banks, as she does what it takes to get the part… even Read More →

Another Woman's Eyes

If you receive another woman’s eyes, do you receive another woman’s soul? Is she seeing things? As the doctors revel in the success of Mercedez’ eye surgery, the wary patient makes an eerie discovery. She sees things very differently. Especially in the bedroom. And so begins a journey of self discovery that will take her Read More →

Another Man's Wife

Vivid presents … Another Man’s Wife. It’s 5:00 in the afternoon. You’re out a window with no shoe off, and no pants. You’re cheating, and guess what … You’re caught. It’s Another Man’s Wife … only from Vivid. Watch Another Man’s Wife Online Right Now  

Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra

Julie and Steve are one happily married couple. In other words, the dinner banter is more sparkling than the pillow talk. Along comes a provocative book in an interesting little shop, and as fast as you can say “Kama Sutra”, their existence is magically transformed into a passionate melange of fantasy and flesh. Turn the Read More →

Ancient Asian Sex Secrets

Kobe Tai holds the ancient sex secrets of the Tao. Steven St. Croix wishes she was holding something else. But in ancient Tao, Steven must retain his semen to become The Yellow Emperor! Can he resist Kobe? And Stephanie Swift? And Lana Sands? Simultaneously? Find out, as more than The Secrets are revealed… Watch Ancient Read More →


Janine gets hit on the head and loses her memory. And the world tries to take advantage of it. The question is: When one is asked to do something against one’s will, does the memory come back … or do the inhibitions go? Watch Amnesiac Online Right Now  


L is for Lyndsey and Lacey Love, and boy do they love the alphabet. So much so, that they convinced visual master Hank Hoffman to let them re-create their demented vision of it. With an MTV style opening, the letter is set, the tempo is established, and the girls get it going in a crazy Read More →

All There Is

The life of one woman, told in twenty pages. We see how sexuality changes as one grows older and learns how to perfect or destroy the roles that this life demands of us. It deals with marriage, child-rearing, loss and what it is that, in the end, is truly important in this life. Watch All Read More →

All Dressed Up

The school girl. The cop. The prisoner. The nurse. The French maid. Everyone has a different fantasy and every one is uniform…and B Skow is no different. So he took his favorite girls, dressed them to the hilt, and then had them strip slowly and fuck hard. The result is the hottest costume party of Read More →

All About Kira

Director Bo Edwards turns the Vivid spotlight on Kira for a close and candid look into the sex life of a porn princess. We take the cameras behind the cameras and right into Kira’s steamy personal sex life as she shows and tells how she likes it for real…not just for the reel!!! Watch All Read More →